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    It seems some readers have encountered a known error code with bug 5.2.2. This problem is caused by many factors. We will discuss this below. SMTP 5.2. 2 The error message means that the recipient’s mailbox has reached its retention limit, so Things cannot safely accept the message.

    Email errors can be annoying, especially when you need to approve an email urgently. Email delivery issues are the main category of inconvenience reported by server owners.

    What does 552 quota exceeded mean?

    Error 552 usually shows an increase in undeliverable emails received by that particular sender while trying to send emails to the recipient’s email accounts. The error message indicates that our own recipient account quota is very full and emails still cannot be delivered to that account.

    As part of our external technical support for many web hosting providers, we solve these dilemmas all day long.

    5.2.2 error

    One of the most common errors is the user quota exceeded error 552 5.2.2. Today we will see what causes this single error and how to deal with it.

    4 Causes Of Multiple “552.2.2 User Quota Errors”


    Error 552 usually appears in the response email that the sender receives when trying to send an email to a specificthe recipient’s email account.

    SMTP error after remote mail after RCPT TO server:<[email protected]>:552-5.2.2 The email account you tried to connect to has exceeded its quota. 

    What do I do when my Outlook Inbox is full?

    1 Archive of old collections.2 Empty the Deleted Items folder and the Junk E-mail folder.3 Keep attachments outside your mailbox.4 Emails also remove attachments.5 Use the Outlook Cleanup Tools feature.

    The error message indicates that the recipient account’s primary quota is full and mail cannot be delivered to that account.

    Each current account is assigned a fixed storage space called a “quota”. This quota is almost certainly set when you create your email user account.

    If you’ve always been a recipient, and then senders complain about getting error 552 when sending emails, it means your mail account quota is definitely full. This results in emails not being delivered.

    “552 5.2.2 user quota exceeded” can occur for one of the following main reasons:

    1. Email Attachments

    5.2.2 error

    When a page’s email receives many email addresses with large attachments, oon inevitably can fill the user account email. This may result in email delivery errors.

    2. Cart

    Many email clients have the impression that deleted emails remain in the trash until people permanently delete folders of this type. This causes the new folder to fill the Trash.


    Waste also has a positive impact on your email savings account quota. But many users neglect this thing, which leads to garbage and exceeding the quota.

    3. Email forwarding


    Some set up one or more email relays from corporate email accounts. If any of these forwarded emails exceed the accounts’ accounts, the emails may be rejected from those people’s accounts.

    4. Mail Server Limits

    Each mail service server always has some limitations in its email delivery settings. This can be described aspreventing abuse of hosting resources by an individual spammer or client.

    What does recipient inbox full mean?

    The “mailbox full” error just means that the recipient’s mailbox is full (perhaps not enough storage space) and probably has no more messages. The recipient should delete old newsletters or move them to a folder to make room for new messages.

    Restrictions include surface email size limit, account email attachment size, sentiment content size, and more. If any of these limits are exceeded in a sent email, a 552 error will be raised.

    How To Fix User Quota Exceeded Error 552 5.2.2

    How do I fix Outlook mailbox quota exceeded?

    Delete old eItems from the Inbox. You have to do this quickly in the App Market by setting up a custom swipe motion area to remove: Settings > Swipe options.Clear your spam folders. Go straight to the top of your spam and media folders. empty spam.On Android, you can discover your Trash folders with a single click.

    If your email account is having trouble receiving emails due to error 552, we’ll follow a step-by-step approach to fixing the problem.

    1. First, we’ll check the email limit and see if it’s been exceeded.
    2. Disk usage
    3. checks the subfolder of the recording and determines the likely problematic folder.

    4. The Trash and emails with large attachments are deleted to free up space.
    5. the mail client is configured as follows to avoid storing emails that appear on the server unnecessarily.
    6. In some disputes, the email quota will be increased by the delivery billemail to help you succeed.


    Messages returned with the error “552 5.2.2 Website visitor quota exceeded” should be resent to the recipient as soon as the quota issue is resolved. Today, people have discussed the causes and ways to resolve error 552 email due to distribution issues.

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