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    If you are getting bttray.exe – system error code on your computer, then it is recommended to check these recovery methods. BTTray.exe is a bluetooth sync application, a background system used to find a great bluetooth device. BTTray.exe is launched when the WIDCOMM Bluetooth software for Windows programs is also used to enable Bluetooth.

    Bttray.exe Application What Is It Anyway?

    Bttray.exe is essentially a bluetooth wireless communication application from the tray. The Bluetooth platform application is custom made by WIDCOMM.

    It offers a system key icon that allows users to see the status of their Bluetooth connections at a glance. It gives you easy access to configuration, and Bluetooth product settings allow you to change configuration on Bluetooth devices.

    The bttray.Application exe error will likely appear on your laptop screen due to a bluetooth software issue. Failed process will be initialized is installed and, therefore, will cease to function.

    • “BTTray.exe could not be initialized (0xc0150004)”.
    • “BTTray.exe System Error”

    While this is not a fatal or critical error on your computer, it does make sense to fix it. Otherwise, your access to the Bluetooth computer will be constantly difficult and you will experience significant inconvenience.


    Error Reasons

    The Bttray.Application.exe error policy may start for any of the following reasons:

    • The Bttray.exe application is corrupted.
    • The Bttray.exe program was accidentally taken from your PC.
    • The driver is causing problems with the Bluetooth software.
    • Some modules used by the process are corrupted.
    • Malware infection
    • Invalid PC data.

    Additional And Manual Repairs

    If your system encounters an error in the bttray.exe application software, it is highly recommended to fix it as soon as possible.

    To fix this error, you don’t need to be a programmer, technician or, ultimately, hire a professional and spend thousands and youdollars to fix it. It should be easy to repair, just follow the same manual methods below:

    Method 1 – Reinstall Bluetooth Software

    bttray.exe - system error

    If the bluetooth software is likely corrupted or outdated, bttray.exe will also not work. If that really is the reason for the marketers’ failures, then simply reinstall the Bluetooth software associated with your system.

    To do this, first uninstall the current software and then buy the latest Bluetooth software on your computer. To remove the click on the Start button, go to the Regulatory Panel and then to Programs. Now select the bluetooth software and click “Uninstall” to uninstall it.

    After that, install the exact version and update it. Select Mods

    Check Method 2: For Malware

    How do I get rid of BTTray exe?

    Look from bttray.exe or mfc80. dll, and since you find it is not installed, uncheck the box so that it does not start on startup. Check out the entire list, although there may be more than what you are typing. When you’re done, click OK and restart.

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  • Sometimes the bttray.exe application error code can appear due to malware or viruses. To fix the problem, download a huge antivirus program. And scan remove, remove adware and fix it.

    Method 3: Clean The Registry

    The PC registry basically stores all the actions that need to be performed on a PC, including low quality junk files and outdated files. If the Windows registry is not cleaned frequently, unnecessary computer data files such as cookies, junk files, temporary computer data files, and Internet history can take up a lot of space and damage the registry.

    This error-like code may also cause bttray.exe to appear. To get rid of the registry, clean it. You can create it manually, but it can be more difficult and time consuming if you are not a programmer. Any good alternative would be to download Restoro.

    This is an easy-to-use and add-on next generation PC repair program that includes many utilities such as a registry cleaner and excellent antivirus. Run it, remove viruses and clean your registry.

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    bttray.exe - system error

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