Troubleshooting With Drawtext Win32 The Easy Way

Recently some of our users have reported that they have come across the win32 drawtext example.

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    The DrawText function draws formatted text in the specified rectangle. Often formats text in the specified path (breaks tabs, justifies characters, wraps sentences, etc.).


    int DrawText(  [c] HDC hdc,  [on, off] LPCTSTR lpchText,  [in] int cchText, [on, off] LPRECT lprc,  [in] UINT format);


    A suggested string that specifies the text to draw. If the nCount parameter is -1, the collection must be null-terminated. UFormat

    If DT_MODIFYSTRING is enabled, the function can add up to four additional characters to this guitar string. The buffer containing the if line must be large enough to hold all these extra characters.

    The length of the string, in characters. If nCount is -single, then the lpchText parameter is treated as a pointer to a valid null-terminated string, and Drawtext automatically calculates the exact number of characters.

    Pointer to the actual RECT structure containing the rectangle (in logical coordinates) into which the entire text will be formatted t to be formatted.

    Secrets of text formatting. Parameters Can be one or more of the following values.

    value Value

    Aligns text to the bottom edge of the rectangle. This value is used exclusively with the DT_SINGLELINE value.

    Specifies the type of width and height for this rectangle. When there are multiple lines of text, drawtext uses the largest pointed rectangle, thanks to the lpRect parameter, and extends the base rectangle type to the last defined line of text. If the largest word is larger than the rectangle, the width is aaa. If the text is smaller due to the width of the square, the width will be reduced. If there is only one line of text, DrawText changes the right side of the new rectangle to enclose the last character on the line. Either way, DrawText returns the height of the formatted text, but draws the text all the time.

    Arrange the sentences horizontally in a rectanglenick.

    Duplicate text and display the properties of an ideal multiline edit control. In particular, the corresponding character width is calculated in the same way as for the field of view, and the function cannot display a partially visible previous line.

    For text, if one end of the string fits and does not fit inside the rectangle, it is considered truncated and an ellipsis is added. If a word that is not at the end of the sequence goes outside the square, it will be truncated without the ellipsis.

    The archipelago will not be modified unless the DT_MODIFYSTRING flag is specified.


    Expand the tab characters. The default pound sign is eight. The DT_WORD_ELLIPSIS, DT_PATH_ELLIPSIS values ​​in addition to the DT_END_ELLIPSIS values ​​cannot be used specifically with the DT_EXPANDTABS value.

    Includes this external font, which is at the top of the line. AboutNormally, line spacing does not affect the height of the tab.

    Ignores any preceding ampersand (&) on input. The next letter will definitely be underlined, but other cartoon characters with mnemonic prefixes will still be processed.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

  • Introductory line: “A&bc&&d”

    normal: “Abc&d”

    DT_HIDEPREFIX: “Abc&d”

    Compare with DT_NOPREFIX and DT_PREFIXONLY.

    uses system fonts to determine text sizes.

    Left-aligned text.

    changes the identified string to match the displayed text. This value does not affect the actual order of dt_end_ellipsis DT_PATH_ELLIPSIS.

    Draw without clipping. Character text is faster or slower when using DT_NOCLIP.

    Prevents a new line in a single DBCS (double width line), so the newline rule applies to the equivalentValence strings SBCS. For example, they can be used on Windows in Japanese for ease of reading by icon creators. This value is irrelevant if the DT_WORDBREAK pattern is not specified.

    Enables handling of character prefixes. However, DrawText usually interprets the & mnemonic prefix as an indication to underline the following style, and the albhabets && prefix as an indication to publish a single &. This processing is disabled by specifying DT_NOPREFIX. Example,


    Input string: “A&bc&&d”

    normal: “Abc&d”

    drawtext win32 example

    DT_NOPREFIX: “A&bc&&d”

    Compare who has DT_HIDEPREFIX and DT_PREFIXONLY.

    The given text replaces the characters in the target string using elliptical methods so that the result fits in the specified rectangle. If the series contains backslash characters (), DT_PATH_ELLIPSIS simply preserves as much as possible of what was written after the last backslash.
    drawtext win32 example

    The string will not be modified unless a DT_MODIFYSTRING hole is specified.


    RiceSpecifies only the underscore at the character position before the ampersand (&) as the prefix character. Don’t draw any other characters for the string. For instance,


    Input string: “A&bc&&d”n

    normal: “Abc&d”


    Compare DT_HIDEPREFIX with and DT_NOPREFIX.

    Right-aligns text.

    Right-to-left reading order layout for many bidirectional texts when the HDC font is a Hebrew or Arabic font. The default text display order is left to right only.

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