You may encounter the iPad error message 3014. Well, there are several ways to fix this problem, so we will talk about them soon.

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    iTunes error 3014 may appear due to incorrect date and time settings on the PC. Setting the date and time on your PC incorrectly can cause confusion when communicating with Apple’s servers. The best way to avoid this mistake in such a case is to check your appointment and time.

    How do I fix the software update error on my iPad?

    Go to Settings > General > Storage [device name].Find the improvement in the application list.Click on all updates, then click on uninstall update.Go to Settings > General > Software Update and download the latest update.

    You’re having trouble with iTunes error 3014 when you want to update or roll back iOS. Perhaps you do not know what it is and how to deal with it. Then post this to tell you all about this method. More importantly, after reading this article, you will know 6 ways to fix Apple iTunes error 3014

    When trying to update or restore an iOS device using iTunes, a message appears stating that a detected error has occurred (3014). Keep in mind that since you don’t know anything about iTunes errors, your content will be left blank. What you’ll probably want to know right away is what iTunes errors are. In the case of the iPhone Blunders 3014, this is one of all the error codesrestore/update when iTunes cannot access Apple iOS software server update. So what can you do to fix iTunes error 3014 or fix iPhone error 3014? Before that, you should find out what could be the reason.

    Why Does IPhone Error 3014 Occur?

    Why does my iPad keep saying an error has occurred?

    iFolks usually see this message when they run out of space on their iDevice. Or, if several apps like Safari are using a needed portion of their device’s memory (RAM) and Safari actually has little memory available, errors and thus page reloads happen quite directly.

    1. The Internet date and time are incorrect;
    2. Download corrupted, incomplete or outdated settings from iTunes;
    3. Windows system files or files related to iTunes are infected with hsv virus or malware;
    4. Files related to iTunes get corrupted when running the Windows registry;
    5. Files associated with iTunes are indeed being deleted maliciously or accidentally by other programs.

    Fix ITunes 3014 With A Professional ITunes Troubleshooter

    This is better as the other 5 methods also work with the Apple Company 3014 issue, which undoubtedly shows an unknown error when updating an iOS system to a full version. We recommend this useful tool to you because it saves you time and helps you solve this problem with many clicks whilehow you better understand the rest, and must also work with care and great effort. AnyFix – iOS System Recovery, a professional iTunes troubleshooter capable of fixing over 200 iTunes problems.

    Now follow the detailed instructions that will lead directly to a clear guide to fixing the iPhone 3014 problem.

    What do you do when your iPad won’t restore?

    You put your iPad into recovery type and then restore it with your computer systems. In these situations, you may need to use recovery mode to restore your iPad: your computer is unable to take advantage of your iPad, or it shows that it has entered recovery mode.

    Step 1. Download AnyFix, complete this task on your computer > connect iPhone to computer > learn iTunes restore on the right.

    Step one or two. In this part, select iTunes install/download/update errors, then click “Fix Now” to continue.

    error 3014 ipad

    Step 3. With clicks, AnyFix will restore the iTunes components on your computer. Here you need to grant AnyFix rights to administrator directly to restore iTunes. Click the “Yes” and “OK” buttons to continue.

    Step 5. Restoring the event will take some time. After that, select “Back” or go to iTunes by clicking iTunes when it opens.

    Check ITunes Version

    Updating i-tunes to the latest version is a good way to fix these kinds of errors. HotI find it very easy to use, it works in many cases.

    Check The Date And Time On Your Computer

    Sometimes an Apple iTunes error can be caused by incorrect date and time settings on your computer, which can be confusing and have a detrimental effect on communication with Apple on that server. Therefore, it is usually better for you to set the correct time, date and time to correct this error.

    On A Windows PC

    error 3014 ipad

    Step 1: Select > Control Panel > Date and Time.

    One step. Select Change date and time, which can be reset; Select to reset the daylight saving time zone.

    On A Mac

    How do I fix error 4013 on iPad?

    Update iTunes to the specific latest version.Force restart your iPhone 4s.Connect your device to iTunes, download and install the latest OS update.Update your Mac or rate and install Updates to your main PC.Try a different USB collection.Restore using another computer.

    Step 1: Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Date & Time.

    Step 2. Select a date and time to reset; Select the time zone to reset.

    Check TCP/IP Filter, Firewall Or Security Software

    If you have a TCP/IP filter, firewall, or security software installed on your computer, you’d better do the following:

    Step 2: Make sure you have a working Internet connection, then visit or contactContact the online service for help.

    Step 3: Bypass your Internet router. Some routers may prevent iTunes from accessing the update server.

  • If you are using a specific non-Apple router, disconnect Apple from the cable or router and use an Ethernet cable to directly connect your computer to the modem.
  • When finished, restart your computer and modem. If you’re having trouble using your modem, contact your ISP by phone or email for instructions. you
  • After making sure your internet connection is working, try updating or restoring our iOS device again.

    Update Your Computer’s Operating System

    Updating your computer’s operating system is a big help in fixing issues like iTunes error 3014, since older versions of Windows or Mac are not fully compatible with iTunes. New versions of iTunes.

    Upgrading Windows

    Step 1: Click Settings > Control Panel > Windows Update.

    Step . Wait, click “Install update”Notice” if a software update is available.

    To Update Mac X

    Step 3: If an update is available, click Update to get it and install it on your system.

    Reset File Hosts

    This step is very technical and we advise you not to do it alone unless you master it. This is really your last choice if the basic solutions above didn’t work.

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