If your system has Epox BIOS firmware installed, we hope this guide will help you.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process
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    Flashing the BIOS only means that it will help update it. So you don’t need to do this if your BIOS is sure to have the latest version. But how can your business say what you have? You can check which BIOS version you have in one of the following ways: Press Windows + R to open each of our startup windows, type “msinfo32” and press Enter.


    Never try to flash BIOS from hard drive, windows DOS, DOS

    Shell or Windows NT. If your system is working fine, no problem

    or conflicts, it may not be advisable to flash the BIOS.

    Incorrect flashing can crash the system! submitted Follow

    We recommend shifting the BIOS in two ways.

    ALT + F2 method was on previous motherboards with older

    . not available

    BIOS, in such cases it is necessary to have a boot disk method with you.

    1. Usually download the required BIOS image from a file on the specific EPoX website.

    2. Copy or drag an image from the BIOS file (named xxxxxxxx.bin) to create a space

    3. Reboot e a simulator with a floppy disk in the drive.

    What can go wrong when flashing BIOS?

    Incorrect brand / model / revision identification of your motherboard.Lack of research or understanding of the details of the BIOS update.Re-program someone’s BIOS for a fix that is not required.Flash the BIOS with the wrong BIOS file.

    4. The BIOS should automatically flash and reboot the machine.

    5. This happens after pressing the DEL key to be able to enter BIOS configuration and detect “LOAD”.

    6. Note that this does not re-create the BIOS binary backup.

    Is it safe to reflash BIOS?

    GIGABYTE How to flash the motherboard BIOS. There is a trace to the entire BIOS update processIt should be treated with extreme caution. Unless you have absolutely no system instability or problems with the current BIOS version, many of us recommend leaving them. Customers are at personal risk of BIOS flash failure if you choose to update the BIOS.

    7. Doesn’t this require a bootable floppy disk?

    1. Create a bootable floppy disk following the instructions on

    Can flashing BIOS brick motherboard?

    Yes, it can be prepared on any motherboard, but some are simpler, others are simpler. More expensive motherboards usually come with a dual procedure BIOS, recovery, etc. So when you go back to the default BIOS, all you have to do is turn on the card and skip a few sessions. If he’s already stuck, then you need a programmer.

    designed with a manual for your specific operating system. This

    The boot floppy must be accessible from any DOS compatible console

    . you can start

    2. Download the appropriate xxxxxxxx.File exe extract so that you

    The EPoX website template is written to a floppy disk. If the machine is in

    . to extract?

    3. Boot from this DOS floppy disk, usually at the “A:>” prompt. B

    6. Then press the DEL key to bring up a specific BIOS configuration and select LOAD


    Note: When using UPDATE, a backup of the original BIOS

    The date / code is stored in the samedirectory as the UPDATE file. Be it

    called “OLD.BIN” and can be used with return

    In the instructions in the next case, you should return to another

    flashing epox bios

    To use the recovery procedure, it is necessary that someone has an OLD.BIN file in a specific

    . was created

    1. Gently boot a DOS floppy disk before the “A:>” prompt. B

    4. Then press the DEL key to enter BIOS setup and select DOWNLOAD


    5. System Flash is now permanently disabled and needs to be reset

    If you have access to an older non-accelerated ISA video presentation card, you can

    be able to restore your BIOS. Remove all cards and readers from

    systems, but for the ISA video card on the floppy drive. Then use

    boot from system computer (bootable diskette with splash screen only

    programs and the corresponding BIOS binary). If you can get started, make sure

    floppy disks, flash the BIOS according to the instructions above.

    I am getting memory errors whenBIOS flashing!

    With certain computer system configurations, you will receive a blank disc.

    Get memory error (out of memory) while trying

    flash your BIOS. The solution is simple: try the exact boot workaround

    You have files by pressing all of the following keys starting with

    WINDOWS 95/98 Boot Disks – F8 Journalists and select “Safe Influence Prompt”.

    Most users will find that all UPDATE RESTORE files and batch files

    flash BIOS with most configurations. But in this case

    If you want to use the AWDFLASH utility manually, you will find almost all of them below

    FileName1: new BIOS name for flash programming

    FileName2: BIOS file for original BIOS backup

    py: flash programming pn: no flash programming

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

  • sy: Save original BIOS to media file sn: No original BIOS backup

    Sb: ignore progress BootBlock Sd: save DMI data to file

    R: RESET the system after programming cks: Show update bin chksum

    E: Go back to DOS afterprogramming completion

    Q: Use the flash procedures in the original BIOS to program the flash

    LD: destroy CMOS checksum and do not power off the system on first reboot






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