Linux Finger Command Fix Steps Not Found

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    It’s worth checking out these troubleshooting ideas if you’re getting a Linux Finger Command Not Found error message on your computer. The finger command was a user information lookup command that gave detailed information about all logged ends. It includes requirements such as login name, username, downtime, login time and, in some cases, even their email address. This tool is similar to the pinky tool, but the pinky tool will just be a lighter version of this amazing tool.

    Fatmawati Ahmad Zaenuri/

    Knowing who is using your Linux or Unix-like function is a fundamental part of healing. Pointing at someone can still be considered rude, but using Can-finger is still revealing.

    The command term finger is probably not installed on your Linux distribution. It may not be present on Ubuntu, Fedora and Manjaro distributions used to find content items. We have already looked at the pinky command itself, which is a simple transcription of finger. pinky is provided by default, but if you want toPlease, you can use fingerYou, yes, to enter it.

    finger and little finger execute commands of a specific task type. Both provide you with information that they are currently connected to users of your Linux or Unix-like operating system. The sets of information they provide vary slightly, and pinky has a few more options to step by step remove things you might not want to see.

    If you decide to tune Linux to the highest level, to be more “Unix-like” than “Linux-like”, you can feel. You may have legacy scripts that require finger. But whatever the reason, if you’re forced – or just want – to use finger, here’s how to set it up and use it.

    Install Finger

    sudo apt-get install finger
    sudo dnf fingers

    When downloading Manjaro, you must download the finger from the Arch Custom Repository (AUR) and build it from source. There are tools that will do this for you, so again, it’s automatic. matized process. This is great, but it also means that you need to install these tools on your Manjaro system, as well as a basic tool to get and install finger from the exact AUR. So we have to ask them first.

    If your familiar system does not currently have a suitable AUR installer, trizen is a good option. This command will install it.

    sudo pacman -Syu trizen

    How do you use the finger command?

    Finger control displays M- in front of each transmitted character. When specifying users using pairsFor the User parameter, you can specify either the username, or this old name, or the account name. If users are specified in your family, the finger command at the time of the specified host returns information about those users in extended format only.

    Before we can enable trizen to install finger for us, my wife and I must install development hardware. They are automatically called by all setup and build scripts that trizen calls to install finger on the system. If you have already installed AUR elements or are developing software systems, you probably already have these types of elements installed.

    We need to install the GNU C library. We do this with this command:

    What is finger utility?

    Well, the finger utility is a legacy TCP/IP tool that associates an email address with the subject it belongs to and provides information about that person.

    sudo pacman -Syu glibc

    We also need GNU binutils. These include those used by the gcc:


    sudo pacman -Syu binutils

    linux finger command not found

    The installation process also uses a repair utility. This oneThe command will install it:

    sudo pacman -Syu-Patch

    The make utility is used to manage the actual compilation and strengthening of finger from source laws. Install it with the command:

    sudo this approach pacman -Syu make

    And of course, without a good compiler, neither my family nor I will be successful in building anything from source code. We definitely need gcc, the GNU Collection compiler. This command will install it for you:

    sudo pacman -Syu gcc

    Finally, after looking at the trizen build and installation dependencies, we can allow the command to actually insert finger.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

  • trizen -S netkit-bsd-finger

    During installation, you will be asked various questions. Just press Enter to accept the default person settings.


    Type finger and press “Enter” to have finger generate its own stdout.


    Displays a single level of information about everyone currently logged into the system. Columns:

  • Login: The username of the account that is logged in.
  • Name: full nameA century if it is known to the entire system.
  • Tty: The type of terminal in which they are impregnated. Usually these are brand new glasses (pseudo-teletype). “:0” represents the physical computer screen and the keyboard screen.
  • Idle: user idle time. If it is often a single digit, it is usually written down. If a colon is present, it means hours and minutes, and if “d” is present, it can mean hours and days.
  • Login Time: The time the person logged in.
  • Bureau: It’s another historical hangover. Was it necessary to display the name or phone number of the premises where a particular person worked? This is usually not configured by the root user these days. Instead, finger displays the correct IP address of the computer from which the user should log in. “:0” means the sex keyboard and screen connected to the main computer.
  • Desk Phone: This other one is a legacy gift. If root hasn’t saved the person’s work phone number, the IT professional will show a space.
  • What is Windows finger command?

    The “finger” command is a good, robust utility borrowed from the mainstream Linux/Unix systems that allows a local user to get a list of end users on a remote machine or know-how about a particular remote user. In addition to Linux, Windows includes your finger.exe command which runs the functionality as is.

    CONNECTION: is TTY possible on Linux? (and using the tty command)

    UseUsing fingers with the user

    To get data about a person, pass the name of his account, I would say, the command line.Alek
    linux finger command not found


    finger works in single-user mode, there is no advanced view. We will get more information.

  • Directory: The user's home directory.
  • Shell: The shell you are using.
  • From: The time and date the user entered from the tty and IP address.
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