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    You may encounter an error code indicating that Winsock is shutting down. There are several steps you can take to fix this problem and we will get to that now.


    integer shutdown(  [c] SOCKETS,  [to] int hunt like);


    One that describes the types of operations that are no longer allowed. The possible flag values ​​are listed here in the Winsock2.h header file.

    value Value

    stop accepting transactions.

    stop sending.

    Stop each of them send and receive operations. value

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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  • If

    return basically doesn’t cause errors,Stop returns zero. Otherwise, any value of SOCKET_ERROR is returned, a specific error code can be obtained by callingWSAGetLastError.

    Error code Value
    The virtual circuit actually terminated due to another timeout or error. The application actually closes the socket because it can no longer be used.

    This bug is probably affecting t on Socket.Virtual connection oriented

    The company was reset by a remote negative start of a difficult or interrupted connection. The application must close the socket because it is no longer needed.

    This error only affects the best connection oriented socket.

    Windows Sockets 1.Call 1 is blocking or the current service provider is still processing the callback function.
    The how parameter is invalid or does not match the socket type. For example, SD_SEND is used with UNI_RECV, the output type.
    The network subsystem has failed.
    The plug is not inserted. This error only applies to a connection-oriented socket.

    Note: the handle will not be a socket.

    TriumphWSAStartup must be called before using this function.

    InThe kill function is used on all socket types to disable receiving, transmitting, or both.

    If the how parameter is SD_RECEIVE, subsequent calls to the market becomeThe socket function recv is probably not allowed. This does not affect the lower layers of the protocol. With TCP sockets, if there is data left in the queue for a socket to send or receive, the data will arrive later, the connection will be dropped, and the data cannot be delivered to the user. For UDP sockets, incoming datagrams are queued and received. Under no circumstances is an ICMP error packet generated.

    If Next is sd_send, calls are redirected toThe Submit function is not allowed. When using TCP sockets, FIN is sent after all data sent and received by the receiver.

    shutdown winsock

    Setting SD_BOTH disables both sending and receiving as described above.

    InStopper does not work Tighten bushing. All connected resources and the socket are released firstclosesocket is called.

    To make sure all data is received and sent on the connected socket beforeclosing it, the application should useStop right to close the connection before callingClose socket. A directed method waiting to be notified that this remote end has sent all of its data and initiated a graceful shutdown uses the WSAEventSelect function as follows:

    1. CallWSAEventSelect to subscribe to the FD_CLOSE notification.
    2. CallStop with how=SD_SEND.
    3. If FD_CLOSE occurred, callrecv and WSARecv until the function terminates with popularity indicating that zero bytes were initially received. When SOCKET_ERROR is returned, more than just a graceful shutdown is usually possible.
    4. CallClose socket.

    Another method of waiting for the far end to send all its data and initiate a major orderly disconnect is to use overlapping calls received from cell phones:

    1. CallStop with how=SD_SEND.
    2. Callrecv to WSARecv until the function succeeds and indicates that no bytes were received. If the SOCKET_ERROR button is pressed,a graceful shutdown is not possible in any case.
    3. CallClose socket.

    Note.The shutdown function no longer fails regardless of the state of SO_LINGER on the socket.

    For more information, see Soft shutdown, persistence options, and closing sockets.

    Once a shutdown function is called to disable a recommend, a receive, or both, it is not intended to re-enable send or receive for an existing socket connection.

    shutdown winsock

    Sending should not rely on the ability to reuse shutdown after the socket. Specifically, the Windows socket provider cannot support the targetConnect to an already closed socket.

    If an application wants to reuse a socket, the special function DisconnectEx must be called with your current dwFlags set to TF_REUSE_SOCKET to successfully close the connection on the socket, and this handle prepares the socket for reuse on the market. If thisThe DisconnectEx request has completed, the handle can be passed to the socket normally.normal modeAcceptEx orFunction ConnectEx.

    If a useful application wants to reuse the plugin, the functions TransmitFile or TransmitPackets can be called with the dwFlags parameter specified using TF_DISCONNECT and TF_REUSE_SOCKET to enable When disabled, the data was also queued for transmission, and the socket descriptor has been formed for reuse. When the TransmitFile request is completed, the full socket descriptor can be passed toA function to call that was previously used to find a connection, such as AcceptEx in addition to ConnectEx. If thisThe TransmitPackets function clears the socket handle can be passed toAcceptEx.

    Note. When Winsock makes a blocking call, e.g. B. In many cases, when shutting down, Winsock may wait for its network event before the call is completed. Winsock triggers an alarming delay in this situation, which could potentially be interrupted by a co-located asynchronous scheduled check (APC). Making another winsock blocking call from APC that broke a long-term winsock blocking call in oshared thread will result in undefined performance and should never be run alongside winsock clients.

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