Are You Debugging Visual Studio 2008 In Iis 7 Issues?

If you have Visual Studio 2008 Debugging on IIS 7 installed on your system, this guide might help.

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    Visual this Studio® offers several brands for working with IIS when it comes to websites and applications. This may include web pages and web application projects. In Visual Studio 2008, these features will receive a welcome boost to properly support iis 7 and later on Windows Vista® and therefore Windows Server® 2008. In addition, the recently released Web Deployment Project 2008 also supports IIS 7 and later. .

    This article provides an overview of how to use the Visual Studio 2008 Web Enhancement features with IIS, including information about the steps required for these features to work properly.


    How do I open an ASP NET project in Visual Studio 2008?

    In Visual Studio, on the File menu, choose New Project, and then choose ASP.NET Web Application Template. click OK. In Source View, Visual Studio opens the Default. aspx, which many of you may be able to edit.

    To use Visual Studio 2008 to work with websites and applications on a High Street computer, do the following:

    1. visual studio 2008 debug in iis 7

      Install IIS 8 or later.

    2. Install ASP.NET.

    3. Set compatibility with IIS 6.0 metabase.

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    In Windows Vista, open the Control Panel, click Programs and Features, click the Turn Windows Features on or off link, check the Internet Services Information box under Web Management Tools IIS 6 Management Compatibility »”IIS Metabase and IIS 6 Configuration”. Compatibility as well as World Wide Web ServicesApplication Development CapabilitiesASP.NET areas below.

    In Windows Serverr 2008 use Server Manager to be able to set the Web Server (IIS) duty and add the Metabase Management Tools * half a dozen IIS Management Tools * Management Compatibility ** IIS 6 Compatibility * as well as “Application Development”. ASP.NET Role Services For more information, see Installing IIS with reference to Windows Server 2008.

    For more information about using Visual Studio To 2008 to work with web directories and web applications on a remote device, see Using Visual Studio 2008 with a remote IIS server later in this article.

    Run Visual Studio 2008 As Administrator

    How do I debug IIS from Visual Studio?

    On the Visual Studio toolbar, make sure your configuration is set to Debug. To start debugging, select the specified profile from the toolbar, such as , IIS Express, and from the toolbar, choose Start Debugging from Debug Recipe, or press F5.

    Some debugging and building IIS applications locally require you to run Visual Studio as a user with administrator rights. On Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, if you’re not running as the built-in administrator account, you can do so by right-clicking the Visual Studio 2008 icon in the Start menu and selecting “Run as administrator”.

    To make this process easier, you can create a shortcut yourself and check the “Run” box. this program as a qualified administrator” on the “Compatibility” tab in the properties of the shortcut.

    Create A New IIS Website Or Application Studio Project

    visual provides two conceptual icons for working with web applications: the Web Site Project Template and the Web Application Project Template.

    visual studio 2008 debug in iis 7

    While the other two options allow you to build web software and publish it to an IIS server, they have significant changes in terms of how the corresponding ASP.NET application is likely to be built and deployed. Here are some differences between the two options:

  • A web application project requires proof that the application’s source files are on the local file system or on a network share. However, you can later publish the web application to a remote IIS website using the Network Express, FTP, or Pagefront server extension.
  • The Website Project option allows your company to directly connect to a local IIS website or a remote IIS website through a network share, FTP, or host server extensions.pages. In a website project, you work with the exact content of your IIS website and don’t use a mapping file.
  • A detailed explanation of the two models and individual differences can be found at

    To create a young project, use the Web Application Schema option:

    1. In Visual Studio, on the File menu, choose New Project, then choose ASP.NET Web Application Template.
    2. Click OK. Visual Studio will open the Default.aspx URL in Source View, so you can probably change it.
    1. Create an IIS website using IIS Manager, AppCmd, or configure another method. For more information, see You can also use an existing IIS website.

    2. Use the BuildPublish option in Visual Studio to publish your web application content to any good IIS website.


      How do I enable Debugging in IIS?

      On the property pages of any website, or possibly a virtual web directory, click the Home Directory or Virtual Directory tab.In the Application Settings section, click Configuration.Click the Debug tab.Select the Enable server-side ASP recording debugging check box.

      By default, the Publish to Web dialog box only publishes the parts of your project that make up your web app—the site doesn’tFlashes the project repository, directory, obj and other files. This is important because exposing these areas can pose a security risk to your web users.

      By clicking the “…” button, you can choose from four options for publishing your wonderful site:

    3. web file system. Using this great option, Visual Studio opens/creates the web application as a directory and uses the built-in ASP.NET development server to host the live site. This setting may be sufficient for basic testing of ASP of .NET concepts, however, this mode does not run ASP.NET applications running in embedded technologies and does not support non-ASP.NET query technologies (such as ASP, php, CGI, etc.).
    4. Local IIS. Using this option, Visual Professional Studio allows you to publish Application Clips to Web Space or a local IIS application. You can also use this dialog box to create new IIS applications or virtual directories where files can be distributed.
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