Troubleshooting And Repairing Winamp Voice Command

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    Sometimes your computer may give you a message about a Winamp voice command. There can be several reasons for this problem. > Plugins > Itemscope=”” General

    Winamp Voice Control Lite Ed . . Update: 1.3

    Winamp Voice Control Lite e. Update: 1.3

    Control Winamp with your voice.


    (1) Win 98/2000/XP.

    (2)SAPI 5.1

    (3)VB6 Runtimes

    Visit: for more information.

    Update: 1.3

    Download plug-in

    23. September 2006 Deepak mostly Oddi 25631 downloads

    Winamp Voice Control - Winamp Voice Control Lite rev. Updated: 1.3

    Notice To Employees

    Winamp voice command

    This is fired when an external application seems to be preventing you from finding a working Winamp installation as it is actually a helper program and then it crashes. As it has not been tested and is used at your discretion.


    Too knowledgeable – I was convinced that this was without a doubt ideal for controlling Winamp games in Civ 4. Previously, Iset up my windows voice profile for the app and it recognizes my voice commands perfectly. Unfortunately, great lyrics are decided by management. This also seems to be a bug due to the volume commands, where the command has to do the same thing over and over until you give it another one. The annoying ‘pause’, ‘read’ and more that is played with this computer voice has finally been largely eliminated. I can quite say that the melody lasted because of the simple truth I hear today. – 27 May 2007 by Tom Copeland

    Great! – Works great! People are increasingly pointing out the best plugins for Winamp! – January 13, 2007, Tobias Bosma

    Junk – Crash the same for everyone; Several error messages when trying to install. – October 19, 2006 simply by Ben Dover

    Awesome! – Downloaded, installed correctly, but additional information about the software is required for correct operation. It’s all free from Microsoft: want SpeechSDK51.exe)With all of this, properly positioned and requested,With voice recognition programmed, I tried to run this application using WinAmp.Conclusion: absolutely amazing! Never win by changing windows to love songs. You can easily navigate through the playlist while running full screen tools, games, etc. Overall highly recommended! – July 16, 2006, Simon Edwards.

    It really works. – It works, just run this app then click winamp and click enable voice control. I didn’t always catch that accent (Australian) but since this is an MS language site. However, the only Lite version that is not mentioned in the title. – September 26, 2006, Brown.

    Hey guys Dean. I’m just wondering, have you ever seen Winamp’s speech recognition software commands? Are there any command line options to play, stop, etc. ?

    I use Winamp as my main stereo and voicemail control would be a fantastic bonus.

    Thank you for your time


    winamp voice command

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    August 7, 2002 at 4:20 am

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    Voice recognition (e.g. WMP8; BETTER!!)

    Lately I’ve been experimenting with the phone control feature in Windows Media Player 8 (under Plus! for Windows XP).

    This is *seriously* buggy. You can group songs by artist and only by genre (and playlist files). I assume they are read from some sort of id3 tag (which is how WMP’s “audio manager” sorts your message library).

    Winamp3 has a similar media archive (categorized by artist, genre, album, title, niche, year, etc.).

    IThe hotel would use the microphone and say: “Winamp, enjoy the album “Amnesiac” (which the Radioheads will play “Amnesiac”)”.

    winamp voice command

    This is a suggestion/request. If it wasn’t standard, would it be difficult to write such a plugin? I’m certainly not the only person who finds this useful and/or surprising.

    that’s all now.


    I recently experimented with the voice commands feature of Windows Media Player 8 (found in the Advanced section of WindowsXP).

    This is *seriously* buggy. You can only get songs classified by artist and genre (and file) in nearby playlists. I assume they are derived from id3 tags (which is how WMP’s “audio manager” sorts this media library).

    Winamp3 has a similar material library (sorted by genre, artist, project, title, genre, year, etc.).

    I could use my mic and say, “Winamp, play the Amnesiac album (which definitely plays Amnesiac» Radiohead.

    This is a brand new suggestion/request. If it’s not a standard, would it be difficult to create content with such an Alexa plugin? I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this useful and/or funny.

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    I don’t think it should be collected because the following people will say that Winamp is definitely a virus.

    HOWEVER, it would be a cooler 3rd party plugin

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